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Welcome to Royal Equestrian Academy

Royal Equestrian Academy and Farm is a premier horse riding and Equestrian Farm situated in the corporate hub of Bangalore City on Sarjapur Road.

Horse riding is a king’s sport and it’s always fascinating to ride and own a horse, but in a city like ours, where country side view is out of reach and with limited infrastructure for a professional equestrian facility, it is very difficult to kick start your equestrian journey. However, we at Royal Equestrian Academy have tried our best to make this expensive sport well within the reach of the common man and take the sport to greater heights.

It is said that Horseback riding is a leisure activity, a sport and a lifelong hobby for riders of all ages. Whether you choose to enter the world of competition or simply enjoy a day of countryside on horseback. We make sure all of your riding fantasies come true because riding with us is learning, fun, thrilling and adventurous.!!

royal equiesten
royal equiesten