Riding Packages Basic level 2

Training module Level 2

  • Mount and dismount unaided from the ground from both sides.
  • Know the sequence of legs in canter
  • Ride over a short course of poles on the ground in trot including some small X poles
  • Be able to maintain a balanced position in forward seat.
  • Be able to maintain a balanced position without stirrups in walk, trot and canter
  • Be able to turn and ride circles in canter.
  • Be able to recognise leading legs in canter and know how to change
  • Know the rules of the school and be able to ride in open order safely.


  • Know the different items of the grooming kit and how to use them.
  • Lead a horse in hand at walk and trot and turn him correctly.
  • Recognise different markings on the legs and body.
  • Name the different types of breeds.
  • Know the procedure for cleaning the saddle and the bridle.
  • Put on the saddle and the bridle and know if it fits.
  • Recognise the basic feed stuffs.
  • Know how to give hay to several ponies/horses in a paddock.