Riding Packages Basic level 3

Training module Level 3

  • Confident to ride all horses in all paces and over jumps.
  • Jumping confidently with a secure position and being able to ride a course of jumps.
  • Being able to maintain a secure forward seat in the school and out hacking.
  • Being confident to hack
  • Being able to deal with problems correctly and effectively.
  • Have an increased feel of how the horse moves underneath you. Starting to feel canter leads etc.
  • Feel if your horse is stiff, hollow, unsound etc
  • Learning how to work the horses correctly and improve their way of going.
  • Using initiative and riding correct exercises to improve your horse.
  • Riding all school figures, serpentines, shallow loops etc.
  • Be able to ride and understand basic lateral work.
  • Be able to warm up independently and ride safely when working in with others.


  • Having a good, confident manner around all horses.
  • Being able to deal with difficult horses from the ground.
  • Understanding the benefits of lunging and know how to lunge correctly.
  • Be able to lunge a horse using correct equipment in walk and trot.
  • Name five rules of feeding.
  • Know how to put on an exercise bandage
  • Know how to put on a tail bandage.
  • Be able to plait a mane and tail.
  • Know what a horse must have to travel safely.
  • Recognise minor ailments and know how to treat correctly.
  • Be able to recognise lameness.