Riding Packages Basic level 1

Training Module for Basic Level 1

  • Mount and dismount unaided from the ground.
  • Sit straight and balanced in the saddle.
  • Lengthen and shorten stirrups on floor and while mounted.
  • Check and adjust girth before and while mounted.
  • Know how the pony/horse positions his feet when he halts square.
  • Be able to do working trot rising and sitting.
  • Be able to make transitions at the markers accurately.
  • Make changes of rein and circles in rising and sitting trot.
  • Change diagonal as necessary.
  • Ride over a short course of poles on the ground in walk and trot.
  • Know the sequence of legs in walk and trot.
  • Be able to ride as the leading file.
  • Be able to pass the ride safely.
  • Exercises at walk and trot without stirrups and reins.


  • Approach and handle a pony/horse correctly
  • Lead horse in a head collar and a bridle.
  • Be able to take a bridle off wash the bit and hang it up correctly.
  • Unsaddle the horse after the ride.
  • Name different parts of the saddle and the bridle and stand the saddle on the ground correctly.
  • Know how to brush a horse off with a dandy brush.
  • Know how to use the body brush on the pony/horses face mane and tail.
  • Be able to pick out the horses feet.
  • Name simple points of the pony/horse and recognise different markings on the face.
  • Know two types of food horses eat.