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Basic Level 1 is of 24 classes(complete beginner)

Basic 1-6 classes

  • correct body posture on saddle
  • mounting & Dismounting
  • Holiding the Reivs
  • Assisted walk with groom
  • Leading correct position & balance how to halt

6-12 classes

  • Walk/halt indeoendently
  • updown rising with correct body posture
  • leg rids for moving forward & turning
  • On and off the head Rein
  • using Reins effectively

12-18 Classes

  • Exercise to prepare for Rising trot.
  • Correct Position and effective use of heel and reivs.
  • Right Contact with Reins. Rising trot on head Rein.
  • Trotting independents Rising to match Rythm.
  • Understanding Diagonal us Trot.

18-24 Classes

  • Poshere for sitting trot
  • Right contact with Reivs 2 leg yeild for Sitting trot withot Stirrups.
  • Trot pole excercises.
  • caveleti excercises.
  • circles of 20m in trot,rising & sitting.

Best Horse Riding Classes

I decided to give horse riding a shot and i'm very glad i started at royal equestrian academy The instructors are helpful, they encourage you and support till you excel. They have maintained horses very well. I recommend royal equestrian academy who's passionate about learning horse riding and developing a beautiful bond with horses.

Mary Coles
Isha , Bangalore

High Class Training

"Got my son enrolled for a months' course at royal equestrian academy horse riding academy at Bangalore, post which he had equestrian competition at Lawrence School, love dale, ooty where he won second place. What more could i ask for. Thanks royal equestrian academy for training my son to what he is today. "

Emma Rogers
Ravi Jinde, Bangalore

Great riding school

"It was my first time on a horse and it was one of the best. The rider who were teaching over there and in charge of the place was helpful and taught me the basic how to handle horse. They are pretty knowledgeable of what to be done and what not. It was my my first time, but for sure not for the last time. ”

Irine Gosh
Sattar Khan , Bangalore

I love it

" I had very enjoyable experience at the academy. The training staff is very helpful and provides great insights about riding do's and dont's. The horses are in great shape and are maintained very well. I recommend everyone to experience riding at least for an hour. If it interests you, take up more sessions. ”

Irine Gosh
Gourish, Bangalore